The Barn at Wombat Flat June 25The kick off event featuring,  Travis Collins, Bill Chambers, Kelly Brouhaha, Kelly Menhennett, Rosie Roberts.

Wilmington Rodeo Grounds June 26.  Featuring  Gina Jeffreys, Amber Lawrence,Rod McCormack,Matt James, Michaela Jenke, John O,Dea

Leigh Creek Oval June 27 The Leigh Creek line up is a must see. With Kasey Chambers, Travis Collins, Amber Lawrence, Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack, Bill Chambers, Matt James, Kelly Brouhaha.

William Creek Concert 1 June 29 Our second to last show featuring  Travis Collins, Amber Lawrence, Bill Chambers, Matt James, Andy Toombs, Michaela Jenke.

William Creek Concert 2 June 30   The Final show, with Adam Harvey, Felicity Urquhart,Travis Collins, Amber Lawrence and Brad Butcher